Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chaos is all around....

It seems just because I want a peaceful life. I am trying to learn to control my anger and other emotions. I keep getting thrown curve balls in my quest for Zen. This week has been non stop chaos.

Monday, I took Kennedy to her regular peditricain because a week ago Monday, she had fallen off the bed. Her and the boys were jumping up and down. She fell off backwards onto her right arm. Wednesday (4/15/09) I took her to Indian Health Services ER at the urging of Kennedy's OT/PT therapist. We waited two and half hours for the doctor to look at her arm for five minutes and tell me there was nothing wrong. Friday she was still crying in pain. I made an appointment for Monday. It turns out Kennedy broke her shoulder. She now has a cast from her shoulder to the tips of her fingers. She goes in a week to have it looked at again.

My sister in law Stephannie and Daniel live in Mandan, we always stop in when we go to Bismarck. My other sister in law Dutchess has been staying with them since she got out of drug rehab. This is Dutchess's fifth or sixth time in treatment but she seems to be embracing it this time. I don't know if it is because it was court ordered to get her children back. We have not really talked to her much in the last seven years because of how bad her addiction was. We ended up taking Dutchess to the mall with us when we went to Kennedy's appointment. It was one of the best days that we have had with her in long time. She proceeded to tell us all the gossip.

Monty was thrown out of the house (Steve's brother). He is living in Sturgis with Steve's ex-wife Marcie. Which we already knew because he told Steve he was going to live there. He asked Steve if he was mad, Steve sad no. He is just mad at Marcie because she is such a bitch and he has not seen his kids in eight years. But that is a whole other issue.

Daniel and Stephannie are divorcing. Which we didn't take serious at first because they are always splitting up or cheating on each other. Stephannie has been running around with some guy for the past year. Daniel has decided to move to NE with the three children to live his life as a woman. We have known that he wanted to be a woman for the past three years but Daniel has never said anything to us about it. We found out on myspace. Steve was angry at first but he said now he feels hurt that Daniel waited so long to tell him because they have been friends for 18 years. Stephannie has basically told Daniel he is a freak and degraded him for his lifestyle and the way he is. I feel that they are both at fault. I am not taking sides. They are both my friends/family. I love them both.

Tuesday I took Joe to the ENT doctor. He has to have his tonsils out and also have something done to his nose to help with his asthma and allergies. He is having surgery May 19th. He will miss the rest of the school year while he recovers.

Wednesday night Steve and I took Dutchess and Stephannie to The Olive Garden. We were there for almost three hours. We all talked and laughed. Steve said it felt like a normal family which they have never been. We celebrated Steve's 38th birthday, Dutchess's sobriety, and Stephannie's divorce.

After he recovers I am going to plan my surgery. I must admit that I cheated last night and had a coke slushie. I have been doing good though with everything else.