Friday, April 3, 2009

Being a better blogger....

I have a live journal but I don't keep up with it. I don't really like live journal. I mostly have it because that is where a few of my friends are and I want to keep up with them there. I started this blog. I had promised myself that I would be a better blogger but so far I have only posted one blog. I have a hard time keeping up with this blog because my computer crapped out. I have to use Steve or Martin's computers. Since my router died, Martin doesn't have internet in his room, I have to use Steve's computer. Which is impossible most of the time. Steve is playing WOW (World of Warcraft). When Steve isn't playing WOW, Martin is. I am getting a lap top when we get our tax return and a new router. Hopefully I can be a blog addict.

We had another blizzard on Monday/Tuesday. School was cancelled for two days and then they had a delayed opening on Wednesday. Of course, I was supposed to take Joe to the ENT doctor (ears, nose, and throat). It took two months to get that appointment. So I had to reschedule that. Thankfully, I got another appointment in two weeks. It just keeps happening. I am supposed to take the kids to a doctors appointment in Bismarck and we have a blizzard!!!! Mostly with the dentist. I have had to reschedule the dentist three times!!!!

Things I have been doing lately....Working on re-Tiling the kitchen floor...Here are Kennedy and Christopher-Robin posing on the new floor. I should have taken a photo of it before. It was horrible. Housing Authority bitched about all the broken and lose tiles but yet would not fix it. Sick of having an ugly floor. I am fixing it myself. I had these tiles in the basement because I was fixing the living room floor for the same reasons. I am working my way through the kitchen into the living room. Alco, the store I got the tiles at, always has a ton of these tiles. I bought about ten boxes. Watch when I run out they won't have it anymore. That is my luck!!!! Some of the tiles are so hard to get up but I figured out using my blow dryer helps to loosen the glue. But my dryer has a shut down thingy where it turns off when it gets to hot. After three tiles it turns itself off! This is going to take forever....